Once upon a time there was a young boy (myself) that started growing fast! I grew so fast that reached 6 ft 1 with a 12 shoe size by age 12! Well, I ended up growing to 6 ft 3 in height… this caused me to become very tall, skinny, or lanky in appearance. This made me want to build muscle on my body fast! I always knew that I wanted to be into fitness training from a very young age. I started studying books, magazines, and just about any fitness material I could get my hands on.

I started learning the lean muscle building principals early in life. I then put them to use and started seeing my body transform right before my eyes! I loved this feeling and how I was looking! My confidence sky rocketed…and I just wanted to learn more and more.

Well years went by….and then one day I realized I my appearance and health was changing. This change was nor for the better…it was for the worse! I was getting fat! I ended up 40 plus pounds over weight.  I had left out what I would later realize and learn, would be the MOST important component of the whole Fitness & Wellness Formula…..Healthy Nutrition! I was older now….in my 30’s. My body was changing. I could no longer just workout, eat whatever and be in shape. I had to learn how to eat right for the first time in my life.

Learning to eat right was the most frustrating thing I ever had to do in my life. But I learned that my body would not transform until I got my meal planning dialed in. I finally figured out I could not do this on my own. I decided to hire a fitness nutrition coach. This ended up being one of the best ideas that I took action on.

While working and learning new fitness & nutrition principals…..I became very frustrated trying to put what I was learning to use. After lots of trial and error….I finally did it! My body became transformed. I was in the best shape of my life! Once again my confidence skyrocketed….and it was one of the best feelings of accomplishment I had ever felt. Now I was so excited I just wanted to teach others what I knew would transform and change people’s lives!

So that’s what I did….I committed myself to teaching and coaching others on this new Body Transformation Formula that I had learned. I started doing what I love to do the most….teaching & coaching others how to workout and eat right. Yep! I became a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. I came up with my own spin on things….it’s called my Shaping U Body Transformation Formula. I came up with the 6 Shaping U Methods that get’s my clients TRUE Long Lasting RESULTS!

I came up with the name Shaping U for my business for this reason…..I am a Body Shaper not a Bodybuilder. This just means that I was not interested in bulking up i.e… the Bodybuilding Sport…I am and was more interested in the business of teaching my clients how to feel better, get healthy and lean. Not that I have anything against  Bodybuilding….I have lots of friends into the sport. I was just more interested in better sports performance, getting the lean sculpted look, and better health & wellness.

So that is my short story version of my Fitness & Nutrition journey…I learned how to transform my body, look better, and feel better. What a great feeling……having complete control of your body shape and feeling better. You know what? YOU CAN TOO!    : ) - Brad Pugh-Shaping U

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