Why Shaping U & a Personal Trainer is Important

You want to know what sets Shaping U’s Pelham-Helena area Personal Training programs apart from all the others?

We are obsessed with not only giving Birmingham the best Personal Training services at affordable rates….but we also OVER DELIVER when it comes to taking care of the client. Shaping U is all about customer service. We are always available to the client in person, through coaching calls, and by email. Shaping U Trainers listens to what the client wants and then we give the client what they want AND what they need.

We strive to be the best, are the best, and give the best! This makes it possible for our clients to have the Best Results they have ever had, when it comes to weight loss, strength, & lean muscle building. Then along with that comes- better body Shaping & Toning.

Here are 8 key points that keep & attract more and more Shaping U Clients

1) Premium Quality Personal Training involved in every service.

2) We have the best rates around on all of our services that we offer…including the amount of value that we add, as well as over delivering in every service.

3) Excellent reputation…Happy clients talk about us! They will tell everyone they know about what a great time they are having when they come to Shaping U. We have many new clients that come directly from our current or past clients!

4) We have a 5,500 sq. ft full gym that has everything you could think of including a variety of cardio and functional resistance training equipment. Every Shaping U client who uses any of our Training Services gains full access to our facility at no extra cost!

5) No gym memberships or enrollment fees to pay for. You have 24 hour access to our facility. 6) Every one of our clients receives a complimentary assessment and nutrition consultation. 7) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…No Questions asked, ever! 8) Shaping U Fitness was voted not once…but TWICE as one of the Best of Birmingham- in Best Gym (Finalist) in 2012 and Best Personal Trainer (Runner Up) in 2010 by Birmingham Magazine.

So take your time and browse through each of our Personal Training services and try to find which one will be best for you. Your choices are Private 1 on 1 Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training, or In Home personal Training. If you need help deciding…no worries! We will look out for your best interest and help you narrow down which service will best help you, and fit your budget. We work with… and help each and every client accordingly.

The 3 Types Of Personal Training Programs & Rates

 1)  1 on 1 Personal Training-these rates run from as low as $39 up to $49 per session depending on which Personal Training package is chosen.

2)   Semi Private Personal Training (1-4 clients in the same session)-these rates run as low as $19 up to $29 per session depending on which semi-Private Personal Training package is chosen.

3)   In Home Personal Training-these rates will run as low as $55 up to $65 per session depending on which In Home personal Training package is chosen.

Pick a service…learn about it…then just click the “GET STARTED” link below. We look forward to working with each and every one of you! : )

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