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About Personal Trainer & Fitnessin Birmingham

In 2009, Brad Pugh founded Shaping U Fitness, LLC in Pelham, Alabama. Shaping U Fitness is an independently owned and operated fitness network that specializes in individualized exercise counseling, as well as offline and online weight loss programs.

Shaping U Personal Fitness provides you with a non-intimidating and private environment combined with motivation, encouragement, expertise, and high level coaching that involves a lot of individualized assistance.

Shaping U Fitness is a unique and fun Birmingham personal training facility with trainers who are obsessed with providing the most professional personal training services in the area.

Brad Pugh has over 8,000 personal training sessions completed over the past 12 years, as well as the best personal training guarantee you’ll ever find. I can assure you that my team and I will help you achieve your health and body shaping goals quickly and safely!

Shaping U’s personal training services are tailored to meet every individual’s needs, which is why I have been repeatedly recognized as one of Birmingham’s Best Personal trainers by Birmingham Magazine.

Shaping U Fitness trains lean weight gain clients, weight loss clients, brides to-be, pharmacists, doctors, and young athletes. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, Brad Pugh at Shaping U will help you achieve them quickly and safely.

Personal Training Sessions are 40-45 Minutes long.

Why 45 Minute Sessions?

Why not 60 or 30 minute sessions?

We ended up doing extensive research and found out that both 30 and 60 minute time-frames aren’t ideal when working at other health facilities. Plus, 30 minutes just wasn’t long enough to get everything done in that amount of time. In the sessions, I also needed to educate my clients and answer any questions or concerns. The 60 minute time limit seemed to put too much stress on the body. Studies show that High Intensity Shorter Duration pulls more body fat than High Intensity Long Duration.

I looked at every key factor that is involved in a balanced and effective workout and then created our own formula in 45 minute sessions.

Take your time and read through our website so you can get as much information as you can out of it. You can also download the Free Reports that we have available: “How To Lose Belly Fat” and “Why I Can’t Lose Weight?”. Then you can click on the ‘Get Started’ button below to schedule your free assessment and nutrition consultation.

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