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 Shaping U is a team of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and exercise science majors who are also- Nationally Certified Personal Trainers. Shaping U takes care of those clients who have digestive disorders that include gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) & lactose intolerance just to name a few. Also included are body transformation clients who want to lose weight and weight gain clients who want to gain more muscle. Shaping U is also known for helping young athletes 13 and up to improve their sports performance! We do this for them using our amazing sports performance stand alone nutrition program. 

Shaping U is also an amazing Online Personal Training program. In this program clients from all over the U.S. beginner, intermediate, and advanced can have customized workouts built for them and delivered through our really plush and user friendly phone app. The client is assigned one of our accountability coaches who will give weekly assistance using live Zooms, text, and phone calls.

We are not about fad diets or extreme weight loss programs, we are about a balance of clean whole foods and getting in the amount of calories the body requires. We spend a lot of one on one time with each client, making sure they are on the right track to get their desired goals. 


We have  no “one size fits all” plan here! First, we pair you with one of our Registered Dietitians or certified nutrition coaches based on your goals, health condition(s) and preferences. Then we take a deep dive into understanding your current habits and struggles: What have you tried in the past? What’s been holding you back? Your coach will then create a custom nutrition strategy for you and check-in with you each week to review your progress and make adjustments when needed.

Absolutely! We’ve helped thousands of women and men manage (and even overcome) their health conditions while on the program. Our team of Registered Dieticians are here specifically to help manage such conditions as:

*type 1 diabetes (reference:
*celiac (reference: •
*Hashimoto’s thyroiditis •

That’s a great question!  Everyone loses weight at different rates. It will also depend on each situation. If they have been doing fad diets, a lot of restriction, and/or excessive cardio, then most of those who have done these things usually come to us because they are stuck not losing a single pound no matter what they do. (weight just stays the same) 

Or they are stuck but weight fluctuates 5-10 pounds most of the time. Depending on how long the client has done this type of behavior for, will depend on how long it will take for the body to finally get stabilized and start losing normally again. 

If the client has gained their weight from just simply overeating like normal, then they tend to lose anywhere from 5, 8, or 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks. Now most of this is water weight in the beginning and then they start losing 1-2 lbs per week. This is what we want to see. 

Any more than 2 lbs lost every 7 days, could end up being some muscle loss. We definitely do not want that, because losing too fast will make the body go into reverse. If this happens, the body will start putting weight back on each week. They can end up gaining it all back and then some! 

Our weekly tracking will not allow this to happen.

While we do encourage members to track their macros on a regular basis, we focus on more than just the calories you eat. When working with a nutrition coach, you’ll learn new habits, skills, and mindset shifts that will help you break through your weight loss roadblocks and plateaus.

Absolutely not! Here at Shaping U, we do not believe in fad diets, restrictive calories, and/or excessive cardio. In fact we spend most of our time helping clients whose metabolisms are all out of whack because of these types of fad diets, restrictive calories, and excessive cardio.   At Shaping U, we believe that carbohydrates are a necessary component of a balanced diet. Your coach will work with you to determine the right amount of carbs for your current weight, activity level, and body composition goals.

 Yes. But we do even better than that. We have a very powerful software we give our clients access to.We go onto a live Zoom as I share my screen. We go on together and take out any foods that you are allergic to and just any foods you don’t like or want on your meal plan. Then we help you customize a perfect week. I like the client to do this process with us live, because we ask a lot of questions and we just want to make sure that what we create and build for you is going to be realistic enough. We also want to make sure it is going to fit your lifestyle enough for you to really be able to follow your plan.

Busy is the new normal, and the last thing we need is another to-do list item to make us feel guilty. Which is why we make communication and check-ins with your coach as easy as possible. With our new Stronger U App, you’ll have:

*Direct access to your coach right from your phone
*An easy way to log and track your daily meals
*An interactive dashboard to keep track of your progress
*Educational resources to help you simplify your journey

Nope! If you struggle to meet your protein goals, you might want to consider a protein supplement (shakes, bars, etc). Your coach can recommend specific varieties, but you’ll never be required to buy any powders or supplements to adhere to the program.


There are several membership options to choose from to fit your budget. Our most popular plan among members is the monthly subscription. At $159/month, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime after your first three months. Interested in taking things to the next level? See our 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month options here.

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any discount. we have to pay our professional team every single week. as well as other expenses that have become very expensive with inflation lately. We need to make enough to be able to service our clients on the highest level.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer free trials.


having a good relationship with your dietition/nutrition coach is a key ingredient to succeeding in our program. if at any time in the program,you feel you aren't compatible with your coach, you can request a new coach with zero interupption to your session. simply contact our member experience team via the link in your stronger you app profile.

If you know one that you might like, then YES!

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